Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fire and Ice... what's it all about?

I chose the title, Fire and Ice, because it reflects this rollercoaster soul of mine.  Almost everything inspires me and incites my passion (except for Math and rap music) so I'm often dabbling in a little of this, then a little of that.  I also magnetically gravitate toward the extremes in everything -- pure evil, insanity, ugliness but also breathtaking beauty, simple joys, the silence of a gentle soul.  I love frightening children at Halloween just as much as I do writing poetry or rescuing a lost kitten on a rainy roadside.  I appreciate the yin and yang of life -- see the Tao in everything, in everyone, and especially in myself.

I also chose the title, FIre and Ice,  because it's one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost, and because I love cool and warm colors married together -- especially copper/red and indigo blue.  What a harmonious gradient they make, whether on my blog site or in my flower garden at home.

So where do I see the yin and yang of life?  And how do we attain the perfect harmony?  We don't.  I truly believe life is chaotic by nature, by its very definition, and the very search for total balance in anything, especially in one's life or being, creates frenetic energy - which defeats the purpose.  Perfect balance and ultimate joy can never be discovered by searching for it.

It's kind of like that great love of your life. You can frantically hit every nightclub in town, drumming your fingernails on the bar, search online, post ads on Craigslist for ages, but I rarely see anyone find a successful, life-long match that way.  The moment you stop looking, decide to enjoy your own company and feel at ease and joyful - you immediately attract that perfect man (or woman) into your life.  I've seen it happen a thousand times.  It's very interesting to me that the more we struggle and fret, the harder it is to find what we're looking for.

That doesn't mean giving up on your dreams or walking around in a depressed stupor of pessimism.  It just means:  Relax!  Laugh!  Smile!  Enjoy your life.  So go out and have fun, but when you get there, stop drumming your fingers on the bar and go out and dance like a crazy fool!  You'll have a blast, and you'll attract the exact person you need directly to you like a magnet!  It's not just about attracting mates.  It's about attracting everything you ever wanted... that perfect job, that best friend, that illusive characteristic you've been chasing all your life.... Happiness and every goal you ever wanted to achieve will be right around that next corner if you just stop chasing it and trust that it will find you.

Goals are good.  Don't get me wrong.  You have to have goals, then formulate a plan with specific steps to get there.  That's just logical.  But it's the attitude you have during the journey that so many people get wrong.  Why does the journey toward our goals always seem to be one fraught with impatience, pessimism and frustration?  A wise man once asked me, "When will you be happy?"  It's a good question.  Will you be happy when you get that new job?  When you buy a new car, house, puppy?  When your spouse appreciates you more?  When your commute into work is shorter?  When you move to a warmer climate?  When will you be happy?

You can choose to be happy TODAY.  Right now.  Don't postpone your happiness.